Rachel's 4 Month Well-Baby Exam

This morning Stuart and I took Rachel to her 4 month well-baby exam. Can you believe she is 4 months old?? The visit went fine and she is doing well. She is 26 inches long (95th percentile). She's got Stuart's tall genes! She weighs 15 lbs. 14.5 oz (90th percentile) so her weight is well proportioned to her height. She is meeting all of her developmental milestones.

Stuart and I talked to the pediatrician again about the shape of her head. I had discussed this briefly with the pediatrician at her 2 month exam because at the time I was concerned about two areas on her head that just seemed to protrude out ever so slightly more than I thought they should. The pediatrician wasn't very concerned and said that he just wanted to monitor it for now. So the doctor checked her head again at her 4 month visit. The two areas that I was concerned about at the 2 month visit have practically fixed themselves. She looks fine but as I rub on her head now I notice that she seems to have a slight ridge on the top of her head starting at the hairline and going back to the soft spot, about in the middle of her head as if two of the plates in her skull aren't lining up correctly. It's been a little worrisome for me but the pediatrician says that the shape of her head is remarkably improved over the 2 month visit and he does not feel that she needs any treatment at this time. He expects that it will resolve itself by the 6 month visit. If not then we will see a specialist and possibly look into one of those fashionable baby helmets to help get things lined up properly. Please keep her in your prayers...and you could throw in a prayer for me too since all of this is worrying me more than her right now!

Before we left, the nurse came back in and gave her two shots. I don't know how those nurses do it. I would feel so bad giving shots to little babies. They are smiling and looking up at you all excitedly and you know you are what you are about to do to them. Rachel's eyes got big for a moment then the screaming started. Nicholas used to always settle down as soon as I picked him up. Rachel calmed down a lot but continued to fuss some. The nurse felt bad and went to find some bubbles for her. The bubbles were fascinating to Rachel but as soon as they stopped the crying started again. She's been sleeping a lot this afternoon and a little fussier than usual but overall doing just fine.

(I love this laughing naked baby picture!)

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  1. Oh, those baby shots...I know! It's hard to understand how the nurses can give shot after shot! I'm glad I'm not the one that has to do it :)

    SUCH a cute picture of her laughing at the end....