Rachel is Reaching for Toys

Rachel has held a toy that we put up to her hand and she will play with something dangling right in front of her hand. However, this week she started reaching out to touch things intentionally (what an exciting week this has been!). It's so neat to see the little steps of growth and discovery that soon get forgotten and taken for granted. I just happened to catch on video the first time she reached out for something and it was her little Taggies stacking rings.

We had given this same stacking ring toy to our niece last summer while I was still pregnant with Rachel. It is soft and easy to grip and each ring has a cute animal on it and each ring makes a unique sound. I went back to the store later to get one for Rachel and they weren't carrying them anymore. I'm so glad that Grandmother Chance gave this to her for Christmas because Rachel is really enjoying it.

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