Rachel Rolling and Talking

We have hours upon hours of video of Nicholas when he was an infant. I'd just leave it running for a while in case he did something new or cute. I haven't gotten much video of Rachel so I'm going to try to do better with that. I know her grandparents want to see each of her little milestones even though that can't be here to see it in person.

You'll notice Rachel sucking on her fingers a lot. She has been sucking on her fist for a while but just this week she has really discovered that sucking on her fingers can be fun too. Yesterday she started sucking her thumb for the first time. It was so cute and she makes the funniest little slurping noises! Nicholas discovered sucking his thumb at about this age too but he never did it much at all. Rachel seems to always have her fingers in her mouth now. I think some of it might be teething because she chews on her fingers too. I put my finger in her mouth to feel for any early teeth and didn't find any. But while I was poking around she was trying to chew on my fingers. She was biting down pretty hard too. Sometimes when she has her own fingers in her mouth she will start crying for no apparent reason. I think she bites her finger too hard sometimes and it startles her.

Here's a video of Rachel rolling over. She was kind of tired and just taking her time this day but she starts on her back and ends up on her tummy. She got stuck on top of her hand by the end and wasn't too happy when she couldn't figure out how to move off of her hand. I've cut out large chunks of video where she is just lying there chewing on her hand or the end where just lies there and whines for me to roll her back over.

Here's a cute video of Rachel talking to herself in her mirror. She loves her mirror and she gets quite chatty with the other baby she sees.

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