Recycled Art

Recently our Early Childhood PTA group was priviledged to participate in a demonstration and class by Kayli at Art House on creating art with recycled materials. She gave us some great ideas and encouraged us to create some masterpieces of our own before our next monthly meeting. Today at the meeting, Kayli was there to see how we had done. Nicholas and I worked on several projects. Nicholas came up with the ideas and did much of the painting. Stuart or I helped with some construction. Here is a picture of our creations...

Nicholas is most proud of Gears, his recycled robot. His head is made from sandwich meat packaging, arms and legs from Aquafina water bottles, and his feet are soap boxes. We also made two treasure boxes from old cigar boxes that a store was going to just throw away. We also had some fun creating a astronaut bookmark out of chipboard from a cereal box and decorated with a foam stamp of a rocket ship that we made ourselves from an egg carton.

Kayli left the following comments for Nicholas....

Nicholas, I am so happy to see all your amazing recycled art projects. The robot really stands out. I also love your cool treasure boxes and rocket ship print. You have a great sense of composition. - Kayli House

She and the PTA also gave Nicholas some cool prizes - A set of 20 nice paint brushes in a canvas carrying case, a small green canvas tote, bookmark, notepad, pencil, and a lollipop.

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