Grapevine Botanical Gardens

What beautiful weather we've been having! It feels like Spring but it's still only February. I love living in North Texas :)

We spent some family time at the Grapevine Botanical Gardens today. Although it feels like spring, a lot of the plants are still dormant so there wasn't as many beautiful fl to look at as usual but there was still a lot to see and do.

Stuart brought the camera and we got some great family pictures.

Ever since he was a baby, we have heard comments that Nicholas should be a model. He is quite a ham in front of the camera and we personally think he is quite cute :)

As cute as he is in front of the camera, he is also quite cute playing the role of photography assistant and carrying Daddy's camera backpack.

Even fun outings can be a chance for learning. Here Nicholas is reading aloud a sign to Daddy. We're so proud of our little reader!

Of course, Nicholas had fun on the playground next to the Gardens. They have added a new piece to the playground since we were there last. It is a giant orb strung with ropes like a three dimensional spider web. He and the other kids were having a great time climbing all around it. Here is my little monkey, proud of himself for making it to the top...please don't fall!

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