Super Beads by Zirrly {Review}

Rachel is very creative and she loves making arts and crafts projects.  She especially loves trying new products so she was excited to try Super Beads from Zirrly to write this review for the Homeschool Review Crew.

Super Beads are a fun invention that allows children to  For the purpose of this review, my daughter and I used the Super Beads Mega Pack.
Super Beads Mega Pack
The Mega Pack comes with a whopping 4500 colorful plastic beads.  The kit also includes 4 pegged plastic trays that can be interconnected to make larger trays.  There are lots of paper pattern cards so up to four children can create a work of art at the same time.  There are also two spray bottles to fill with water and, of course, instructions on how to create a masterpiece.

To begin, Rachel chose the cupcake pattern card.  She then popped the pattern card on to the back of the plastic tray.

Next was the fun part!  She picked out the colors of beads that she wanted to use and started placing them on the pegs over the pattern card.

Once she had the pattern covered with colorful beads she grabbed the spray bottle and lightly spritzed her cupcake with water.

She struggled with waiting but she did manage to wait a few hours to pull her cupcake off of the plastic board.  She had to take her time and go slowly but it all came off in one piece.  

Next she got creative.  She put two of the plastic boards together and made her own creation that covered both boards.

Rachel was fascinated with how easy these projects were to make.  She has used similar bead products that she had to wait for me to iron because those beads only stuck together by being melted.  But Zirrly Super Beads are so easy to use that even young children can finish their creations on their own because no ironing is needed - just a light spray of water!

Rachel made several of the creations from the paper pattern cards but she also made a flower, toothbrush, and cherries.

The cherries turned out especially nice because Rachel made them three-dimensional!  She created the first layer of beads then once they were dry she spritzed the red beads and added a few more red beads on top to make the sweet cherries really pop out!  What a fun idea!

Rachel is 9 and was able to make all of these creations on her own.  However, she did have to be especially careful when removing them from the peg boards because they would sometimes try to break apart if she went too quickly, especially where the beads were just one row wide.  So my only comment about this would be that younger children might need some help from an adult to remove the project carefully enough that nothing breaks apart. 

The Super Beads Mega Pack that we received sells for $18.98.  We would highly recommend Super Beads for all kinds of fun craft and homeschool projects.  Rachel has already been talking about how to use Super Beads in our homeschool work.  She has been learning about human anatomy and she wants to make a Super Bead picture of the inside of a human cell complete with nucleus, mitochondria, and  Golgi bodies.

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  1. You guys did a fantastic job reviewing and presenting our Super Beads. We’re super impressed. Thanks so much!!!

  2. I need to look these up and purchase some because I had 3 bead designs sitting on my dresser for 4 months waiting to be ironed! #truestory