Crickethead Inn Bed and Breakfast in the Sonoran Desert

While visiting the Saguaro National Park, we stayed at the most amazing bed and breakfast.  It is the Crickethead Inn and it is actually in the Sonoran Desert and right on the edge of the Saguaro National Park West!  

While we were still in Carlsbad, NM, Stuart had called the Crickethead Inn to make a reservation.  Amazingly they had a available room.  The room typically has a queen bed and a futon-type bed but the owner, Mike, said they could move a desk out of the room and put a cot in so all four of us would have a bed.  Mike had suggested that we try to arrive before dark because it can be a little tricky to find the property once you turn off of the main road.  

Unfortunately, we didn't end up leaving Carlsbad until mid-afternoon so there was no way we were going to make it to Tucson before dark.  Stuart called Mike and gave him our ETA which was going to be about 10:30 at night.  We wanted to be sure that we could have access to our room if they had already gone to bed by the time we arrived.  Mike said that he would meet us on the main road so we could just follow him back to their property.  He is such a kind person.  Once you turn off the road, there is a dirt road with lots of different properties along the way.  There are no street lights on this road so it was hard to read street numbers or see the buildings sometimes.  We are so grateful for Mike guiding us back in the dark!

We were tired when we arrived to the room but we were so excited to be in such a charming room and staying in the Sonoran Desert that we all perked up.

The room was so cozy.  There were wood beams overhead.  Beautiful textiles hung on the wall and draped over the furniture.  And there was the cutest little stained glass hummingbird window between the bathroom and bedroom!

Even the bathroom was cute with its Mexican tile, hammered tin, and wooden towel rods.  These aren't just regular towel rods though.  They are bars used in the process of weaving fabric but they make for beautiful towel racks. 

In our room, we found a pitcher of water and two glasses.  Each of the pieces were beautifully crafted and glazed.  And look at the little crickets on each piece!

We arrived in the dark on our first night but Nicholas couldn't wait to explore the desert so he and Stuart wandered the property a little in the dark.  All the cool creatures are out in the desert at night.  But we really couldn't see the property very well until the next morning.  And this is what we saw when we went outside.

We were really IN the desert and there were saguaro cacti all around us.

We spent quite a while just exploring the property at the Inn that first morning.  It was exciting to be staying in a bed and breakfast that is right there in the desert.

This was our front porch.  

All of the rooms are next to each other and they each have their own patio.  Although the rooms are next to each other and all of the rooms were booked when we were there, we never heard anyone else while we were in our room.  It was such a relaxing environment!

Each morning we would go into the main house for the included breakfast cooked by Mike and his wife Wayan.  There were always another guest or two there having breakfast as well so we got to meet some interesting people and get some recommendations for places to visit on our trip.

There was always interesting wildlife to see.  We would stop eating if a coyote or javelina was seen outside. 

It was such a blessing to have found the Crickethead Inn.  Our hosts were so kind and genuine and they make a wonderful breakfast.  The room was charming and cozy.  The guests were fun to meet.  And the property itself was an amazing sampling of the beautiful desert we had traveled so far to see. Just looking back through all of these pictures makes me long to go back there soon.

Here is a video of our drive from our room to the gate at the entrance of the Crickethead Inn property.  I would could never get tired of this drive.

The Crickethead Inn is located at 9480 Picture Rocks Road, Tucson, AZ.  For more information, give Mike and Wayan a call at 520-682-7126.  

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