Puzzle, Play, and BBQ

We had a leisurely start to the day with a big homemade breakfast.  Grandmother got some fun play time with the kids.  She worked with Rachel on this 100 piece puzzle but she said that Rachel did most of the work.  We talked about how she and I would both try to work the corners and edges first but Rachel starts with the characters first.  She just has an amazing way of solving puzzles.  She's always been really good at puzzles.

Hello Kitty puzzle

We all went to the 2:00 show of The Hobbit.  Nicholas did great.  There was a little extra pep in all of the actors because this was the last show.

On Friday, Rachel had helped me as I volunteered at the flower table in the lobby.  She enjoyed explaining to Grandmother how the small, medium, and large bouquets should be assembled.

Flower bouquets at theater

After the show, we headed to dinner at Hard 8 BBQ in Coppell.  I don't even use BBQ sauce when I'm here.  The meat is smoked to perfection and I think the sauce just makes it harder to taste the delicious sausage, brisket, or ham.

Hard 8 BBQ in Coppell Texas

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