Elsa Doll Pin {Easy Activity for Kids}

We learned all about early Colonial America this year and Rachel loved learning how little girls made their own dolls out of clothespins.  She even picked one out as her souvenir when we visited Log Cabin Village.  So she was really excited when I gave her the supplies to make her own doll pin.  Of course, she had to make her favorite character, Elsa from Disney's Frozen.

Easy Activity for Kids: Elsa Doll Pin Craft

I actually stumbled upon the wooden doll pins at a garage sale but I'm sure you can find these or something similar at Hobby Lobby or another craft store.  I pulled out other basic supplies that we already had on hand.  

Craft supplies: Doll pins and felt

I wanted my little girl to be able to make as much of the doll on her own so I gave her some felt.  This made it easy for her to just cut out the dress without worrying about the fabric raveling.  Felt is so forgiving and it is great for a "no-sew" project.  

For the adhesive, I knew that school glue would just soak into the felt and not work very well for this project.  Ideally I would have used a hot glue gun but that was obviously out of the question for a 5 year old.  So I gave her some of my Thermoweb Zots Clear Adhesive Dots that I use for a scrapbook adhesive. 

Girl using Thermoweb Zots

Zots are amazing glue dots!  They stick on anything and they hold strong.  They come stuck to a roll of paper.  Rachel just cut out the dot she wanted to use, held the paper and pressed the dot onto the felt, then gently peeled back the paper.  Instant sticky spot!

Rachel made a blue cape for her Elsa doll and she didn't want to just stick the cape to the top of the dress.  No, she actually wanted a piece of ribbon on the cape so she could really tie it to Elsa.  You might think this would have to be sewn on but nope!  Zots to the rescue!

Using glue dots to attach ribbon to cape

She stuck the ribbon right on the cape and tied it on.

She made a belt and stuck it on the doll with glue dots as well.  That's one cool looking, albeit bald, Elsa doll, designed and created entirely by my 5 year old!

Elsa doll pin

Rachel wanted her doll to have white hair.  We talked about using a cotton ball but she wanted Elsa to have a braid in her hair.  That wasn't going to work with a cotton ball.  I found some fluffy white ribbon in my stash and let Rachel work with her doll's hair.  She hasn't quite mastered the art of braid yet so she was happy to let me help with her hair.

She used a black Sharpie marker to add eyes and a nose and mouth to Elsa's bare face.  Then she asked for the glitter to make her sparkle.  Cringe!  Glitter is so messy and it multiplies and spreads all over your house, regardless of how thoroughly you clean up the craft table.  But alas, I still love glitter so I have lots of it.  I put a light coat of glue on the doll's hair and clothes and Rachel went to town shaking glitter all over her.

Little girl using green glitter

She is so proud of her Elsa doll that she made (mostly) by herself!  I'm pretty amazed too.  When I pulled out the craft supplies I had no idea that she would take over the entire project on her own.

Elsa doll

Of course, there was a little bit of fun sensory play with the left over glitter when she was done!  It is fun to feel the glitter as your hands slide through it.  Rachel enjoyed writing in it with her fingers.

And I wonder how glitter ends up all over my house!

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