Playing in the Mud

Many years ago we planted some trees along the west side of our backyard to provide some shade from the afternoon sun.  It was a great solution.  However, we didn't think about the fact that the type of grass we have requires full sun so we have inadvertently killed much of the grass on that side of the yard.  Less mowing is a plus but it also makes an amazing mud puddle after a rain. 
Rachel was quietly playing in the backyard when I looked out and saw this!
She was covered in mud and rubbing more on her!

Sometimes she is all girly-girly and other times she is like this....

What fun to play in the mud! 

I wish kids would spend less time playing video games and more time outside getting dirty.  I think we would have a healthier, more creative, and more emotionally stable generation if they did.

I just wish that it didn't make such a mess of our yard!  But these fun days with kids playing in the mud will not last forever and we can replant new grass at that time.

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