A Wonderful Day in Grapevine

After breakfast, we took Nicholas to the theater to start getting ready for the 2:00 show and we headed to Grapevine.  We stopped at Vetro Glass Studio to show Grandmother C. how beautiful glass art is made.  We saw some beautiful pieces in the gallery but unfortunately their furnace is being replaced so we couldn't watch any of the artisans at work.

We headed next door to the Grapevine Foundry where they make incredible pieces with bronze and other media.  We had the incredible opportunity to watch the owner, Linda Lewis-Roark, working on the clay sculpture with the live model right there.  The artist has been working on it the clay sculpture for a couple of months already.  Once the clay sculpture is complete, they will cast a wax mold of it.  The wax mold will then be used to make the actual bronze statue.  So amazing!

Grapevine Foundry artist sculpting clay

We browsed around the Grapevine Farmer's Market and sampled some delicious foods.  Somehow we ended up buying a little of everything we sampled!  But the fresh cantaloupe is my personal favorite.

It was about time for our scheduled tea party at Let's Pretend Tea Parties.  Stuart left the girls and headed to a more guy-friendly place like Bass Pro Shops or something.

We started out by picking out our dress-up costumes.  I was surprised that Rachel didn't pick a more "princessy" dress.  She went all glam instead.

She got a little bit of blush and eye shadow.

Then it was time for tea and cupcakes!

Rachel was having a wonderful time!  She picked a vanilla cupcake and had seconds on the raspberry tea.

She kept going back to the costume area and picking out more pieces to add.  I think the purple boa was the perfect addition!

We headed back to the house to get ready for the 7:00 showing of The Hobbit.  Grandmother wasn't feeling well so she stayed home.  My tummy was feeling a little queasy too - I think we may have had too much raspberry tea!  Rachel was tired from our busy day and managed to get her Daddy to carry her into the theater.  Look at that smile on her face!

Little Girl in Daddy's arms

She's a bit too big to easily be carried in our arms but her Daddy knows that there won't be much longer before she will quit asking to be carried so he savors the days while he can.

Little Girl Being Carried By Her Daddy

We had a wonderful day exploring the area with Grandmother.  Tomorrow promises to be just as much fun.

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