Best Breakfast in Lewisville: Ham N Eggs

Where can you get a Texas-sized breakfast in the Dallas-Fort Worth area?  Look no further than Ham N Eggs, a busy little diner hidden in a strip mall in Lewisville.  They serve breakfast and lunch until 2:00 every day.

We went for breakfast.  There was quite a wait for a table and unfortunately there wasn't a place to sit or even stand where we would be out of the way.  People just seem to hang out near the door in small packs until tables are cleared for them.  There was a steady flow of people coming in for a late Saturday morning.  

Ham N Eggs is famous for their big pancakes and biscuits.  Their pancakes are HUGE.  Seriously, they hang over the sides of the plate!

Ham N Eggs Giant Pancake Breakfast in Lewisville

The five of us each had plates full of food.  But it isn't just about the size of the portions.  The taste of the food is amazing too.

Family breakfast at Ham N Eggs in Lewisville

I had the Texas Sun omelette with biscuits and gravy.  Look at the size of that biscuit!  Their biscuits and gravy are a very close match to our favorite breakfast diner back in southern Louisiana, and that is saying a lot for this truly southern meal.  The omelette and hash browns were perfectly cooked and seasoned.

The prices are very reasonable considering the amount of food you get.  We ate on our leftovers for 2 days!  I love all little diners but Ham N Eggs is probably at the top of my list for the best breakfast in the area.

Ham N Eggs is located at 297 W. Round Grove Rd #190 in Lewisville, TX.  They don't have a website but you can call them for more information at 972-315-1155.

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