Fourth of July Fireworks!

For about 9 years or so, we have spent July 4th with our families and we always make our own fireworks show at my brother's house or at Stuart's parents' house.   But with all that is going on this year we weren't able to do that.  Instead we took the kids to our town's firework display.  

We decided to grab a late dinner at McDonald's and then find a spot along the road or in a parking lot to set up our camping chairs to watch the show.  While we were at McDonald's we ran into some friends of ours.  It was a little girl that Nicholas knew from public school that he called his "girlfriend" at one time.  It was great getting to catch up with old friends and we found a spot next to them to set up our chairs along a busy road.

Cute boy and girl

Once the fireworks started, we realized that this was the first time Rachel has seen a professional fireworks show.  She LOVED it!  She was yelling, "This is awesome!  Wow!  Look at that!"  Some of the people around us smiled and turned their heads to see the smallest person there making the most noise. She was so happy and full of joy!

Girl in pink chair

We happened to be in flat spot that at times lets us see the big city out in the distance.  Tonight as we sat in our spot, we were able to see TWO different firework shows at the same time.  One was out in the distance and to the right of us.  It started before our town's show but for several minutes, both of them were going at the same time.  It was so cool to watch!

Double fireworks show

Fireworks 1

Some of these pictures came out great except for the power line that ran right through the center of my viewing area!

Fireworks 2

More Fireworks

Fourth of July

This one made me smile because it had hints of purple and gold.

4th of July

This one looked like a flower to me.

Flower fireworks

Green Fireworks

Happy Fourth of July

Amazing fireworks

Purple flower fireworks

Happy Independence Day!

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