Last Day of School!!!

One of the things that I have really enjoyed this year is walking Nicholas and his friend to school each morning. Sometimes Rachel has come with us in her stroller, other times I was able to let her sleep late if Stuart's schedule allowed him to stay at home a little longer in the morning.

These boys have the cutest conversations together. Sometimes they discuss the fun things they did over the weekend, which movie they watched, or what new toy they got. Sometimes they get into little debates over things like the name of the type of bug they just saw on the sidewalk or which game system is cooler - Xbox or Wii. Nothing terribly profound is ever discussed but it's so cute to watch them talk about anything on their mind. I have treasured this time and will miss it now that summer is here.

Of course, Nicholas is just excited because today is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! He got to wear his swimsuit to school because they are going to have a slash day. How fun!

Here's his picture from his first day of kindergarten where he looks just a little nervous.

Nicholas is always so sweet about giving me a kiss before he goes into school. Sometimes he forgets but comes running back to me when he remembers. I love it that he's still little enough to not get embarrassed by kissing his mom in front of everyone.

Getting a hug from his teacher at the end of the day.

We have THE BEST crossing guards at our school - Mrs. Carol and Mrs. Leah. They keep us laughing and love to stop and chat if they have a moment. I'll miss seeing them over the summer and will keep my fingers crossed that we get them again next year.

Nicholas was excited to get home this afternoon and find a big basket of summer fun for him and Rachel to play with over the summer...a kid's tent and tunnel, board games, bubbles, a slip and slide, playdoh, sidewalk chalk, etc.

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