Kid Watching at Observation Station

I like watching planes in the sky. I like to watch them take off and land. And I think it's cool to listen to the tower talking to the planes in the area over the loud speaker. That's why I love the Observation Station at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. However...

I also love my children and they just make me all warm and fuzzy inside. So pardon me if most of the pictures from our recent trip to Observation Station are of my little angels instead of the planes. I just can't help it!

Nicholas is a natural at being a big brother. He loves his little sister. He likes to hold her hand, keep her safe, and teach her about things they find together.

Of course, Rachel is a toddler and toddlers must make a break for it and run if they get a chance.

But Mommy or Daddy is always right there to grab her hand again.

Rachel motions her hand to Daddy and says, "Tum On, Dada!"

Nicholas has grown into a charming young boy. He's smart and witty, silly and cute, energetic and spirited, tender and loving...all rolled into one sweet and wild little boy.

As soon as Rachel noticed the statues of children running, she ran over to one of them and held it's hand. Awww...

We did watch a lot of planes while we were there. Nicholas liked using the binoculars.

Rachel just got excited and shouted, "Plane! Plane!"

And of course, we did take some pictures of planes while we were there.

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