Swaddling Like A Pro

Babies love to be swaddled up in a blanket. It keeps them warm but it also makes them feel tight and cozy like they are back in the womb. Most importantly, if you do it right, swaddling will keep their little arms from flailing about and hitting themselves in the head with their own little fists. Of course, this is important because without it they will wake up because someone just hit them in the face and then they get mad because someone is still hitting them and they are helpless to stop it.

Being the great big brother that he is, Nicholas has learned all about swaddling. He even likes to swaddle up his little beanie baby, Baby Blue Bear as we like to call him. He let me get one picture of him holding his swaddled baby. However, after one picture, he decided that the flash was too bright for his baby and he had to protect Baby Blue Bear from any more pictures!

Here's a video of him demonstrating the proper technique for swaddling a baby in a blanket.

While we had the video camera out, Nicholas decided to tell us about an invention that he has been thinking about. It is a way to feed a bottle to a baby while letting the Mommy do other things. Creative little guy!

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