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Despite staying up late last night, Stuart set the alarm for 6:00 am yesterday morning so he could go out on the beach and take sunrise pictures. I normally would love to go out there with him but it is freezing here today so I decided to stay indoors with the little ones. While he was gone, Nicholas woke up and crawled into bed with me and that's how Stuart found us when he came back in from his cold excursion.

Needless to say, I was jolted awake by the camera flash going off. I was happy to see him especially when he handed me a warm cup of coffee that he picked up for me in the lobby and then showed me some work he had done while out on the beach...

In case that was hard to read, it says, "I Love U Kim". Isn't that just the sweetest thing?! He got double brownie points for that one!

Here's little angel Rachel as she woke for the day.

We spent some time today visiting with the other side of the family. I tried to get Stuart's parents to pose for a picture together. Mom looks so sweet but I think Dad was saying "Bah Humbug" to me as I was taking the picture.

I guess it's the genealogist in me but I just love pictures like this one....four generations of a family all together.

Rachel and Aunt Kathy...or is that Great Aunt Kathy to Rachel? I can never get those titles straight.

Rachel smiling up at her great grandmother.

Of course, we had to make time for another trip to the beach before the day was over. It was later in the day when we got out there so it was colder than it was yesterday so we didn't stay very long.

On our way back up to our rooms, Nicholas and Jessica noticed a conference room with a bunch of gingerbread houses in it. They went in to check them out and we talked to some ladies cleaning up the room. Apparently the gingerbread house building was part of an exercise for some execs that had a conference there. The ladies gave each of the children a left over gift bag that the execs had received. Nicholas couldn't wait to see what kind of goodies he got. They turned out to be pretty nice gift bags. Lots of sweet treats, two Christmas ornaments, and a cool puzzle that Stuart enjoyed working.

This morning, Stuart made another pre-dawn excursion to the beach for more sunrise pictures. When he returned, he found us all snuggled up in the bed. It was just easier than settling them each back down in their own beds and who can resist a little snuggling from such cute little kids!

Stuart just commented on this picture. "As I recorded the Earth waking up on a surprisingly cold Florida morning, my family continued to snore snuggled up warmly in the bed that I left an hour and a half ago."

Our flight back home went fine. We lucked out again and got the whole last row to ourselves. Nicholas and Rachel both travelled well and they made the trip easy for us.

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