Long Overdue Praise for Sticks!

I love it! Last month the stick was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame! This is an honor that is long overdue. Sticks have been around forever and with just a little imagination, their playful uses are endless. When I was little, I personally loved collecting a bunch of small sticks and making little houses for gnomes and fairies that might visit our yard. Nicholas and I built a house like this a year or so ago and we've already started collecting our building materials to make another one this spring.

I try to encourage Nicholas to think of ways to play with things he finds in nature to show him that toys don't have to require batteries to be fun. It isn't very hard to have fun in nature. There is so much that you can do with basic things like sticks, dirt, grass clippings, fallen leaves, mulch, acorns, rocks, etc. And not only are these toys free and readily available, but they also help to get Nicholas connected with nature in a hands-on creative way. Nothing could be finer!

Check out the full article on The Children and Nature Network website.

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