Finishing His Fishing Elective

Fishing is one of the electives that Nicholas can earn in his Trail Life USA program.  He loves fishing so he was excited to work on it.  Most of the requirements were met a year or two ago but we realized that he had one more thing to do to earn it.  He had to catch, clean, cook, and eat a fish that he caught.  He has done each of these things separately but never all for the same fish.  So Stuart and the kids set out for a fishing trip to Rheudasil Park.

Rachel was the first to catch a fish!  He looks like a keeper.

Nicholas ended up catching three fish.

Even Stuart got his hook wet and pulled out a couple of fish.

They didn't keep all of the fish but they came home with quite a few to cook up.  They put some pond water in the cooler to keep the fish alive until they could clean them.  They were fun to play with in the cooler.

We went out on the deck to clean them.  They were all blue gill fish but some had different colors or patterns on them.

Nicholas removed the scales and cleaned all of the fish himself.

Meanwhile Rachel named all of the fish.  This one was her favorite.  She named it Cutie.  Actually her real name was Serafina but Cutie was her nickname.  Note: Don't let you child name a fish that you are about to cut up and eat!

Nicholas did a great job of cleaning the fish and preparing them for cooking.  It was a bit messy so I'm glad we did it outside. 

He battered them with fish fry and fried them all himself.


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