Computer Skills for Kids: CompuScholar, Inc. Review

As a homeschool mom, I realize that there will be times when I am not the best teacher for certain subjects.  Computer Science is one of those.  I took several Computer Science classes during my earlier years but a lot has changed since then.  Fortunately, CompuScholar, Inc. has me covered with a wide selection of online computer skills and programming courses to help my middle school student.  

Formerly known as Homeschool Programming, CompuScholar, Inc. offers seven online courses to teach a great foundation in computer science for kids including general computer skills, web design, video game design and programming, and even Android programming, just to name a few.  The Homeschool Review Crew was given the option of reviewing one of three courses:  Digital Savvy, Web Design, or Java Programming.  My son would love to learn Java Programming but I want him to start out with a good foundation of basic computer knowledge so I opted to review the Digital Savvy course.

CompuScholar, Inc. Digital Savvy
My son Nicholas is 12 years old and he is enjoying the Digital Savvy course.  It is his first formal training on computers.  On most days, the lessons have him watch a video then he reads the accompanying text.  Finally he takes a quiz.  Some days he has a special hands-on activity and other days he takes an exam.
Digital Savvy is a one year course (two semesters) and contains about 33 weeks of lessons but it is nice that the course is self-paced so a child can go through the information more quickly or more slowly depending on their needs and what the school schedule allows.  My son works on the course 3 days per week. 

Nicholas says that the information is presented in a way that is easy to understand and he is learning a lot.  He has looked over the course syllabus and he is excited to get further into the course to learn some of the more exciting topics like web page design and animation.

Here is his course syllabus for the Digital Savvy course.  I think it is quite impressive.
  1. Fundamentals of Computer Hardware
  2. Fundamentals of Computer Software
  3. Operating Systems
  4. Computer Files
  5. Computer Maintenance and Trouble Shooting
  6. Computer Networks
  7. Search Engines
  8. Computer Security
  9. Word Processing
  10. Spreadsheet Programs
  11. Presentation Programs
  12. Database Technology
  13. Project Management and Teamwork
  14. Digital Images
  15. Internet Communications
  16. Social Media
  17. More Social Media
  18. Creating Web Pages
  19. Web Page Design
  20. Web Links, Images, and Animation
  21. Programming Concepts
  22. Digital Logic
  23. Careers and Professional Skills
CompuScholar, Inc.
I am very pleased with our experience with CompuScholar, Inc. and I plan to enroll Nicholas in their additional courses once he has completed Digital Savvy.  He wants to take the Game Programming with Visual Basic course next.  With technology being so ingrained throughout our world these days, computer knowledge and programming skills will be a great benefit for our children to learn. 

The self-study Digital Savvy course costs $15/month or you can get access for a year for just $120.  There is also an option for a teacher-led course which costs a little more at $35/month or $300 for the year.

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