Oh Hail!

A little before midnight, Stuart and I were just settling into bed for the night.  We knew some bad weather was coming but didn't think much of it.  Then the weather radio alerted us that we were under a Severe Thunderstorm warning with high winds and potential for hail.  We pulled up the weather  radar on our phones.  We could see the bad weather and it was tracking right for us with an extra bright pink area forming directly in our path.  Note: bright pink = extra bad. There was nothing we could do but pray.

A short time later, the wind and light hail came but it quickly turned to big hail.  We were on the second floor and it sounded like the roof and west side of the house were being pelted with baseballs.  It was the loudest hail storm I've ever been through.  Nicholas woke up rather quickly but amazingly Rachel slept through the whole thing!

Stuart ventured out and picked up a piece of the hail to show me.

Suddenly it seemed to shift and was now hitting the house from the north.  It was pelting the windows on the back of the house.  I recorded this video because I just knew one of the windows was about to break (fortunately they didn't).

Once the hail stopped, we looked out the front door.  It looks like it had snowed out there!

Stuart scooped up this handful from the hail patch in front of the potted plant.  The pile of hail on the ground was at least an inch or two thick there.

Amazingly, we don't have any major damage.  Both vehicles have some light dents on them and no windows were broken on the vehicles or the house.  We recently had our roof checked and it was in good condition before the storm.  We don't see any obvious damage but we will have it checked out and see if we need to look into getting it replaced.  We'll probably wait until the storm season passes though.  This is always a rough time of year for houses and vehicles in this area.

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