Family Time at the Lake with the Bluebonnets

The bluebonnets were out this spring but our usual spot by Grapevine Lake didn't have many blooms.  The ground seemed extra muddy so maybe there was just too much rain.  But we still had a nice time going out and exploring the area and taking pictures.

Rachel found this dead tree to sit on and asked us to take this picture.  She is developing a good eye for setting up pictures.

Of course, a little play is always fun too.

We found a few patches of bluebonnets.  The kids stayed still and posed for us for a little while.  This is probably the biggest patch of flowers that we found.  We were also a little late in getting out here so there were probably more flowers a week or two ago.  

I can't believe how quickly these sweet kid are growing up.  I try to cherish the time with them but it still seems to just slip right through my hands.

This guy especially is getting too big!  I blinked for a moment and he now he will be starting eighth grade next year. How did that happen?

These two are so precious to me.  What a blessing it is to be their mom and to watch them grow and learn new and exciting things each day.  

Aww!  I was just going to pose with him and he surprised me with a kiss on the cheek!  What a sweet boy!

Stuart handed over the camera to one of our budding photographers so we could get a picture together.

We rarely get pictures of the two of us together.  This is shadowy and we were wind-blown but I love any picture with my sweet hubby.

Our kids are always discovering neat things in nature.  I never know what they will find but I love how they show each other their finds and they try to help each other identify them.

Nicholas found a little caterpillar.

I even found a pretty butterfly.

It's always fun to just explore around here.

My boy loves sticks so he is often carrying one around when we are outside.  This is the mack daddy of all sticks though.  Look how gnarly it is.  He was using it as a magical staff to shoot laser beams at things.

I love how there are still glimpses of a little boy in him.

Look how tall Nicholas is getting!  It won't be long before he is as tall as Stuart!

This little one is a sweet heart and she loves to give kisses.

She loves her Daddy.

Of course we can't go to the lake without Rachel bringing home some cool rocks and fossils.  She gathered them up in her dress to carry them back to the car.  She was a little sad when we made her go through her bounty and limit it to her three most favorite treasures to take home.

On the way to the car, Rachel fell and got hurt.  Big brother scooped in and saved the day by giving her a piggy back ride to the car.

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