Trail Life USA Aquatics Badge

The Navigators and Adventurers in our Trail Life USA group worked on earning their Aquatics badge at the Denton Natatorium.  They had a wonderful lifeguard to help them go through each of the requirements.

The Aquatics badge is mostly about being safe and practicing rescues in the water.  They started off with probably the most unusual requirement.  They had to jump into the water being fully dressed (they were wearing swimsuits under their clothes).  

They had to remove their shoes and pants because those are instantly heavy and make it hard to stay afloat until rescue can come.  

Then they had to breathe into the neck of their shirt to inflate it to help with floatation as they treaded water.

They also learned about personal floatation devices (PFD) and they did some exercises while wearing them.

They swam laps.  I love that Nicholas had a smile on his face almost the whole time he was working on this badge.  He's a little fish. 

They had to demonstrate the Heat Escape Lessening Posture (HELP) for cold water survival.

They demonstrated the Huddle cold-water survival technique.

They had to demonstrate several different reach and throw rescues.

They also completed more laps, dives, and floatation techniques including this challening one where they had to float on their stomach for  3 minutes!

Nicholas loves Trail Life USA.  It teaches character and outdoor skills while growing young boys into Godly men and leaders.  For more information about Trail Life USA, please visit their website:

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