The Ultimate Nerf War Birthday Party

Nicholas wanted another Nerf War for his 13th birthday party.  He did this for his last birthday party and so we already had the perfect spot at a local park to hold the battles.  It was a really easy party because there isn't much planning to do.  He invited his friends and we stocked up on Nerf darts.

We also charged up all of handheld radios we have.  We set them on walkie talkie channels and let the boys use them to talk to team mates as they run around in the woods during the Nerf War.  Stuart also keeps one on him so he can hear both teams' communications and know if anyone gets hurt and needs help.

We dumped all of the darts in a bucket and set it out on the table at the park.

The boys brought their own Nerf guns and loaded up on darts.  The darts are off-brand and we get them for a great price on Amazon.  It's just easier than having the boys try to keep up with their own darts and worrying about losing them.  We just buy a bunch and expect to loose a few along the way.

The boys lined up to hear the safety talk from Stuart.  Buddy system, boundary of play, how to use the radios, etc.  Then they got put into two teams.

The boys run out into the woods and try to hide so they can ambush the other team with a spray of Nerf darts.

There is a lot of excitement!  The boys are hiding or looking around or running the whole time.

Did I mention that there is a lot of running? 

Stuart and I just hung around in case we were needed but it was so fun to hear some boys shout things like, "We've been seen!  We must move out NOW!"

Some team mates would call to others on their team over the radios and ask for backup.  Their team mates came running!

Meanwhile, these sweet girls were hanging out quietly decorating the sidewalk with chalk.

The teams took a break and then regrouped for a different kind of game out in the field.  They played Capture the Flag and some kind of Zombie Infection game.

There was lots of laughter as boys ran around shooting at each other.  I think they all had a blast!

They stopped for a while to rest.  They had cupcakes and edible nerf darts.  Nicholas opened his birthday presents from his friends.

Time for another game out in the woods.  I love how this friend is loaded up with four Nerf guns!  He is prepared for anything.

I captured an awesome ambush in pictures.  One team is approaching a mound.  They are a little cautious because they know it is a good hiding place.  Did they just see someone back there??

Suddenly heads start popping up from behind the mound and start shooting at them!

Now more boys come out and they all start running after the approaching team! 

Everybody is running now!  Aaahhhhhh!!!!!!!

I love seeing those happy faces as they run for their lives!

The other team is still chasing after them as they are trying to get close enough to shoot them.

What a fun party it was!  Nicholas had a great time with his friends and said it was the "Best. Birthday. Ever!"

After the party we headed to Red, Hot, and Blue for lunch to refuel.  With his actual birthday on Monday and his party on Friday, he has kind of had two full days of birthday celebrations.  He's a happy boy.

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