Rock Climbing at Lifetime Fitness

The kids have really been enjoying rock climbing when we go to our gym, Life Time Fitness.  They climb the auto-belay courses which allows them to climb on their own without anyone else holding on to the line.  The auto-belay takes up the slack as the climber goes up and controls the descent if the climber lets go or falls.

You don't have to reserve a time to climb.  Just show up and go.  The gym provides harnesses and climbing shoes.

Rock climbing is really great exercise because it uses the whole body, upper and lower body, to pull your body up the course.  Both kids are getting stronger because of rock climbing and they have fun doing it!

Once they make it to the top of a course, the next step is to repeat the course but try to get to the top a little faster.

Nicholas likes to pretend that he is Spider-Man hanging from a web.  But I don't think he is supposed to do that.  It looks scary even though I know he is in a harness and safe with the auto-belay system.

Here's a video of Nicholas the first time he completed this challenging course.  He is pretty quick when he gets going.

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