Spring Break 2017

We've had a fun week with our spring break staycation. I had at least one activity planned for each day and we invited friends to come along and share in the fun!  We started off Monday by seeing the LEGO Batman movie.  It was ok but there were parts in it that were oddly sappy for Batman.  I think he may need some therapy.

On Tuesday, we went ice skating at the Dr. Pepper Stars Center.

Nicholas has just recently started getting back into hockey.  He's still fast on the ice and good with a "hockey stop".  Check out this video:

He is especially impressive with his transition from forward skating to backwards skating.  He makes it look so easy!

Rachel tries hard to keep up with Nicholas on the ice. She is working on skating backwards.  I realized after watching this video below that she has her feet turned inward too much.  More practice needed.

On the way home, we stopped in Carrollton to visit our favorite rock shop, Nature's Gallery.  

Donald Slater is the owner and he is very knowledgeable about rocks, fossils, minerals, etc.  I love that he is always open to talking with my kids about things they find and he helps them identify what they have.

We met up with some friends who had never been to the shop and it was fun watching them discover all the cool stuff!

Nicholas wants this giant geode and its matching other half.

The girls were looking at natural copper.  It is really beautiful in its natural state. 

My kids were shopping with a $10 budget each so they had to shop the smaller items.  There were still plenty of choices for them though.

Nicholas got a small piece of Labradorite for Christmas but he found this giant one that he would love to have.  It's $100 though.

 I liked this giant Desert Rose (gypsum) but I have enough in my collection already.

On Wednesday, we went on a nature hike at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.  I have enough pictures from the hike that I decided to put them in their own post.  You can check it out HERE.

On Thursday, we went roller skating at Interskate.  They had a special for Spring Break - $4.00 per skater including skate rental.  Rachel tried inline skates for the first time.  She felt sassy in them.  Wait, she always acts sassy!

Nicholas was awesome and helped her get comfortable skating in them.

These two skated around together for quite a while just talking and laughing with each other. 

I just loved the rainbow colored roller skate themed carpet they have! 
On Friday, we went to Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas and then wrapped up the week with ice cream floats!  Check out that post HERE.

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