Garden Yoga Cards for Kids {Review}

Rachel has been enjoying learning about yoga with these adorable Garden Yoga Cards for Kids.  The cards teach children various yoga poses by comparing the pose to something they might find in a garden like a frog, cricket, or caterpillar.

The cards come in a downloadable format so I printed four cards to a page, laminated the page, cut out the cards, and put them on a ring to help my daughter flip through them.

Rachel likes to put a towel on the ground in our back yard and work through the yoga poses. Here she is looking at the Squat Pose which is like a Frog.

She is 8 years old and had no experience with yoga before trying these cards.  She loves the connection of the poses with the garden.

The Garden Yoga Cards for Kids includes 20 yoga pose cards and 20 garden cards in a downloadable format. 

We homeschool so Rachel likes to use her Garden Yoga Cards for Kids during her school breaks.  I have noticed that the stretches and the time outdoors helps her be more relaxed and focused when she sits back down for school.

The Garden Yoga Cards may be purchased at Kids Yoga Stories for $9.95 for a digital download.  There is also an amazing book that just happens to be titled Rachel's Day in the Garden that tells a cute story using some of the Garden Yoga poses.

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