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We had an opportunity to try out a homeschool math curriculum called Math Mammoth as part of the TOS Home School Review Crew. The curriculum encompasses 1st through 7th grade.  It was written by Maria Miller who has a Master's Degree in Mathematics.

Affordable Quality Math {Math Mammoth }

Math Mammoth can be purchased in two different structures.  The Light Blue Series which we used for this review is a complete year of curriculum including tests and cumulative reviews.  It comes 2 worktexts per grade level, A and B, to help divide up the year.  It also includes answer keys, tests, cumulative review lessons, and a versatile worksheet maker (Internet access required).  We reviewed Light Blue grade 6.

The Blue Series is arranged by topic and generally spans about 2-3 grade levels.  The Blue Series is best used for a math supplement, to help in areas where a student might be struggling, or simply a review.

Both the Light Blue Series and the Blue Series are presented in a worktext format.  This means that it encompasses the textbook teaching material as well as the workbook all in one.  The material is "self-teaching" so, especially for older kids, independent students are able to read the material and learn on their own.  There is no need to purchase a separate teacher's manual because the worktexts are all-inclusive.  There are even some teacher notes included at the beginning of each chapter in the worktext. 

My son has been able to work through the lessons in the entirely on his own but I'm available to help him if he has any questions.  The blue teaching boxes at the beginning of each lessons are simple and easy to understand.  He simply reads through the instruction material then works the problems. 

However, if the worktext explanation isn't clear enough, Math Mammoth also offers some free videos on their website to help further explain the concepts.  Here are some of the pre-algebra videos that my son and I have reviewed -

If you are unsure where your child should begin, Math Mammoth offers free online placement tests.   But if you are still unsure if this is the best homeschool math program for your child, feel free to visit the Freebie section at Math Mammoth to learn more.  You can even download a few of the worktexts for free and let your child try them out for themselves.

Math Mammoth can be purchased at  A full year of the Light Blue series is only $37.50 for the download.  However, you can purchase just part A or B which is nice if you want to try it out before buying the whole year or if you are starting the program mid-year and only need the second half of the program.  You can also purchase a CD if you don't want the download.  There are also pre-designed lesson plans for families who use Homeschool Planet as an online planner for their homeschool lessons. 

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Affordable Quality Math {Math Mammoth Reviews}

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