Rita's: Ice-Custard-HAPPINESS!

Another wonderful homeschool tour! This time it was at Rita's in Southlake...our favorite frozen treat. Oh happy day!

They started us off with free frozen ice for everyone. Now that's the way to start a party!

Rachel and Nicholas both chose Kiwi-Strawberry.


Then our tour really started. We learned about one of the most important things to keep in mind when we are around food - Cleanliness.

We reviewed how to properly wash our hands and for how long....for as long as it takes to sing your ABCs.

Then we all got nice Rita's visor hats and took turns washing our hands before the tour.

I loved going behind the magical frozen ice counter to see where the action really takes place.

Our tour guide was just great with the kids. She let them help her measure the water.

And the sugar.

Then she chose the blue cotton candy flavoring off the shelf.....mmmm, those shelves are full of taste bud happiness.

We watched the whole batch being made and put into the machine where it will be frozen and turned into a frozen tasty treat. After the tour, the kids were given goody bags with stickers and even a coupon for a free frozen ice!

The goody bags also had coloring pages and crayons for the kids.

We sat on the patio and colored for a bit but the day was so pretty and the kids were full of sugar so we soon headed to the playground for some fun outdoors.

Rita's + great friends + playground = Happy Day

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