Can You Have Fun Without Getting Wet?

After playing at the park with friends today, we were all a little overheated. What better way to cool off then to play in the fountains at The Shops at Highland Village?

Rachel was a little hesitant at first. She stood on the sidelines just watching the other kids run through the sprays of water.

I wonder what she was thinking.

Eventually she stuck her toes in a fountain's down spray while making sure to keep her body at a safe distance from the water.

Oh no! I got a little wet!

Rachel couldn't believe what her big brother was doing in the fountains! Yes, that's him right behind her...

...and again here.

Attempt #2 to play in the fountains. I know it's going to spray any minute but I don't want to get too close to actually get wet!

I know! I'll just pick up some unknown girl's shoe and put it in the fountain. That's almost as fun as getting in the fountain myself!

Rachel tried to stop the flow of the water coming out by putting her little feet over the spout! I love those cute little feet!

Next thing you know, there are three girls trying to stand on one spout to block the water flow. Cute!

Nicholas and some of the other boys were doing experiments in the fountains. They put some little drinking straws in the water spouts when the water wasn't coming out and then they would see how far each of the straws would shoot up into the air when the water came back on. Science really is everywhere and it can be fun :)

Rachel enjoyed looking at the statues of the little boy and little girl that is next to the fountains....and now she is WEARING some stanger's shoes!

The Shops at Highland Village is a great shopping center located at the northwest corner of FM 2499 and FM 407 in Highland Village.

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