Nap Time Fiascos

We recently began having trouble with Rachel trying to refuse her nap. We would go through our usual bed time routine...cuddling in the glider rocker while reading books then quietly putting her in her bed. She usually goes into her bed fine but after we leave and close her door behind us, she gets out of bed and goes exploring in her room.

She discovered that there was all kinds of things to get into if she just opened her closet door. This is where I store a lot of craft supplies. Many times I walked into her room to find the closet door open and ribbons, papers, hole punches, rubber stamps, stickers, bows, etc. spread all over her floor. I had gotten used to just cleaning everything up

Can you see the little lip rolled out? So funny! She knew she was in trouble.

Here I went in to check on her because she had cried out in the middle of her nap. The room was a mess. She had taken off her pull-up training pant and put on a bikini swimsuit bottom. But having no pull-up on she ended up wetting herself and the floor which of course had woken her up, at least enough to fuss about it!

Check out this mischeiveous little grin!

She woke up one morning and emptied the drawer that holds her pull-ups so she could use it as a step stool to reach the many exciting things that are usually out of her reach.

One of those exciting things that is usually out of her reach includes diaper cream. Poor Pony had to pay the price for that one. Apparently Pony has a rash so Rachel smeared diaper cream on her. You know that stuff doesn't wash off easily either.

We finally bought some child proof door knob covers for her closet door but that doesn't stop the messes.

I'm not really interested in locking up everything in her room at nap time. So instead we talk about the mess and she has to clean it up. It's getting better but there is still a mess from time to time.

Here I just found her sleeping in her glider rocker. No mess in sight this time.

Such sweetness, even if she is incredibly messy!

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