Our Little Tiger Cub

I'm so proud of Nicholas. He's joined Boy Scouts this year and we are all so excited! Since he's in first grade, he is actually called a Tiger Cub (Cub Scouts is the younger version of Boy Scouts). Look how cute he is in that uniform :)

I wonder how long they will let him wear that uniform without having any patches on it? I'm not looking forward to sewing all those boogers on...or paying someone else to sew them on for me (which is actually more likely to happen).

We're glad he has joined Boy Scouts because it is the nation's largest values-based youth development program. It focuses on building character, responsible citizenship, and personal fitness. They combine learning with fun, hands-on activities to teach basic skills as well as values, teamwork, and leadership.

We are part of a Boy Scout troop through Nicholas' school. The boys are divided up into "Dens" with about 8 boys in a Den and all in the same grade. The Dens meet twice a month on their own. A lot of the boys in our Den already know each other and they have a good time together at the meetings.

Once a month, all of the Dens come together and we have a Pack meeting. This is where a lot of the business and awards are handled. We also have a once a month outing to go do something cool in the area.

We're grateful for the opportunity for Nicholas to participate in such a great activity and look forward to the exciting outings and camping trips we will be going on this year.

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