NRH2O = The Formula For Family Fun

Earlier in the summer, I found a great deal on tickets to NRH2O Family Waterpark so I snatched some up. Not only were the tickets about 1/2 price but they also included wristbands for free drinks with unlimited refills. We stayed so busy all summer than we never made it to the waterpark. But with the tickets expiring today and Daddy and Nicholas home for the holiday, we decided we had better get over there.

Just inside the entrance, there is a little splash area with fountains and the water runs downhill to form a little stream that ends in a small pool. Nicholas and Rachel went hog wild playing in these fountains. It's not like they can't do this at the fountains just down the street from us anytime. And they seemed clueless about the rest of the waterpark just waiting to be explored.

Rachel crawled in the stream and said she was a baby crab!

We played on some waterslides in the little kid area. Even Nicholas went down some slides here.

Rachel loved the water slides and was so proud to go down them by herself.

Big brother was at the bottom of the slide ready to catch his baby sister!

Daddy and Nicholas decided to be adventurous and go down the Green Extreme waterslide. It's the world's largest uphill waterslide.

The Green Extreme is a seven story tall waterslide with 1,161 feet of twists and turns! Nicholas and Daddy rode together on a two-person innertube. There they are at the top and on their way!

They were both smiling when they finished and Nicholas said it was "awesome!"

Time for lunch! We brought our own picnic lunch and found a great spot under some trees.

I made chocolate chip cookies this morning to bring along on our picnic. Rachel didn't eat the cookies but she used her little finger to pick out all of the chocolate chips. Then she tossed aside the shell of a cookie and asked for more.

Mommy and Daddy were forced to eat her cookie discards. Oh, the sacrifices we make as parents ;)

After lunch, we relaxed on the lazy river.

Some of us define "relax" different than others.

We really enjoyed having our free drinks throughout the park. It was nice to just get a drink whenever we wanted. And another benefit...when the little one spills the drink, you don't feel that sinking feeling in your belly because they just poured $3.00 on the ground. You just get another free drink. Sweet!

There is a little beach area at the park complete with beach volleyball and waterfalls. Of course, we just knew the kids would love playing in the sand. Rachel disagreed. I think she was just getting tired because she loved the sand on North Padre this summer but for some reason she freaked out in the sand today. She didn't want to touch it and didn't even want her little feet in it.

When Stuart put her in the sand, she cried and tried to hold her feet up in the air to keep them from getting sand on them. Then she decided to just climb up on Stuart. So funny!

Of course, Nicholas was in his element and just kept piling up sand to make a giant mountain.

Eventually, Rachel calmed down and decided to join in the fun. We still aren't sure what all the fussing was about. Just a toddler moment, I guess.

The kids area was fantastic. It's called Frogstein's Splashatory and it's the largest interactive water playground in the state of Texas. It includes 5 levels of water fun for all ages including 6 water slides, interactive water activities and a giant tipping beaker that pours gallons of water on your head each time it fills up. Doesn't it just look incredible?

We used a waterproof disposable camera to get these shots because you just can't help but get drenched here.

Rachel loved the waterslides but she needs more practice. There were always arms or feet flailing as she went down.

Rachel headed back to the toddler area...

...while Nicholas walked on floating lily pads and floating logs...

Nicholas had a great time walking on the logs. It looks easy at first but then you notice how the logs can easily glide away from you just as you take a step. I think Nicholas really liked it because he loves watching that silly competitive show called Wipe Out.

Finally, we played in the wave pool. It was really cool to float around in an inner tube while being sloshed around in ocean-like waves.

NRH2O was totally awesome. It's now closed for winter but we'll definitely be back next Spring!

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