What Do You Do When It's 107 Degrees Outside?

It's 107 degrees outside!

Yes, you read that correctly - 107!

After spending the morning trying to stay cool inside, the kids and I were bouncing off the walls so I had to find something to do. What better way to stay cool and get out of the house than to visit our local Blue Bell Creameries?!

Blue Bell is our favorite ice cream. Any flavor will do! I hear they have a new flavor out called Caramel Kettle Crunch. Can you imagine - creamy vanilla ice cream with crunchy caramel-coated popcorn and a smooth caramel sauce...how could you go wrong with that?

Our local Blue Bell distribution center, along with our favorite Christian radio station - KLTY, had a Fan and Food drive to benefit Christian Community Action (CCA) of Lewisville. They encouraged everyone to stop by Blue Bell to drop off box fans and non-perishable food items for CCA to distribute to families in need throughout 42 communities they serve throughout Denton, Collin, Dallas, Tarrant and Wise counties. In exchange, Blue Bell offered tours of their main freezer and a cold storage truck and gave out ice cream treats to everyone!

Before I told the kids what we were doing, I talked to them a little about food banks and how they help those who don't have money to buy their own food. We talked how blessed we are that we can put meals on the table each day and what gratitude really means. We talked about how God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others. I explained how the community can help people in need by donating food at drives like the one at Blue Bell but also how, when they are older, they can help out more directly by volunteering their time at CCA to help organize the food pantry and maybe someday even help with serving food at a kitchen. I feel that it is important that my children learn the value of reaching out and helping others, even at such a young age. Although are too young to volunteer, they can help by picking out the food we donate and by helping to deliver it.

Nicholas chose the items that we would donate.

And he delivered them himself.

We were then allowed to take a look at the cold storage freezer. This freezer holds enough ice cream for distribution over a 3 day period and then it has to be restocked. It was so exciting to be surrounded by stacks and stacks of Blue Bell ice cream. Every where I looked, there was ice cream! I was down right giddy!

But my kiddos didn't have the same appreciation for it that I did. It was about 30 degrees below zero in there and they were dressed in shorts for the 107 degree weather outside so, unfortunately, I couldn't stay in there long. It's just as well. I would have likely tried to set up home there if they would have let me.

Notice how the camera caught the heat coming off my child. The poor guy was turning into a icicle before my very eyes!

Nicholas was much happier in the freezer truck because it was warmer at about 52 degrees. He and Rachel danced all around in the truck. I wasn't nearly as excited because there was no actual ice cream in the truck. What's the fun in that?

I love the thought of all of these delivery trucks being filled with ice cream and driving up to my house! I'll need a few more freezers, please :)

We schmoozed with some radio celebrities at KLTY and got some free stuff.

Then the grand finale! FREE ICE CREAM! Decisions, decision...

Choices made, drippy sticky kids to follow...

When asked if he had fun today, Nicholas said, "Yes! This was AWESOME!" Of course, he would say that to anything involving ice cream (he is my child, you know).

Thank you, Blue Bell, for a great facility tour and some really wonderful ice cream but most importantly, for hosting this important drive for fans and food for CCA. And thank you, KLTY, for helping to get the word out about the drive and for the great music you play each and every day.

By the way, if you want to get the really cool Blue Bell tour and see where the ice cream is actually made, make a trek down to Brenham for the factory tour. Click HERE for more info.

Have yourself a Blue Bell Country Day!

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