The Pancake Nibbler

On the weekends, we love to have Daddy's yummy pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon. We've been trying to eat more healthy so we've started having turkey bacon. It tastes good but it's NOT bacon. We're more inclined to call them turkey strips because the word bacon just doesn't fit.

We usually have some pancakes left over and I try to be sure to put them away right after breakfast. But on this morning, I had left the plate of pancakes on the table while we went about our day. A little while later, it got quiet and I wondered where little Rachel was. I found her sitting in Daddy's chair picking all the pancakes off the plate and taking one bite out of each one.

Of course, it's also fun to play with pancake building blocks to see how high they can be stacked.

All done!

We do love our pancakes. They are yummy AND fun to play with!

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