Going Bonkers In This Heat

It's really, really hot these days.

So to keep the kids entertained, we are looking for things to do inside. Last week we spent a few hours at Going Bonkers in Lewisville.

It's like a McDonald's playland that multiplied a hundred times. Seriously, it's really cool and every kid I know just loves this place. Even adults have fun. I've climbed around in here before Rachel was born and it was a fun workout trying to keep up with my son.

Rachel and I spent most of the time in the little toddler area. It's a separate climbing area with slides, tunnels, bouncey areas, and things to climb on but the little ones can't get run over by a barrage of big kids running through.

I wasn't sure if she would like it but she did. Actually she loved it!

There is food and drinks available when the kids need to refuel so they can play some more. There are also arcade games and small rides to play on.

I tried to keep up with Nicholas but he was in full climbing and bouncing mode so he was hard to keep up as I tried to keep up with Rachel too.

He had a blast though and was very good about continuing to hunt me down to check in with me. It's hard letting him go play without knowing his exact whereabouts anymore. It's been such a big part of my job these past 6 years but now he's growing up and finding little bits of independence where ever he can.

The kids were worn out by the time we left so the house was quiet for a while when we got home as everyone napped and rested. Ahh, peace and quiet!

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