Splashing Fun!

One of Nicholas' friends invited us to his birthday party at the Old Town Aquatic park in Lewisville. Oh what fun! This was the first water park that Nicholas ever went to when he was itty bitty and he's loved it ever since.

But now that he's a big boy, he especially loves the water slides! Rachel goes up to the yard stick marker to see if she is tall enough. Sorry little one. You've still got to wait a few more years. So she just watches Nicholas from the side.

Rachel found it lots of fun to try to stop the little water spouts in the kiddie area. And as with any great toddler obsession, she repeated this task over and over and over again while we were there.

Suddenly Rachel spotted these lockers along a wall and made a mad dash for them. I love her drippy wet footprints on the concrete.

While she was over there, she spotted a water fountain which meant she had to take a drink, of course. She managed to figure out how to remove the button on the fountain and then took great delight in putting it back on and taking it off again while studying it and trying to learn more about how the silly thing worked.

Whew, that was hard work. Time to just relax and take in some rays...

Nicholas wasn't up for relaxing (is he ever?). He and his friends had fun splashing each other, going down the water slides, and playing hide and seek.

The Old Town Aquatic park is located at 535 W. College Street and is only open during the summer. They have fun activities for big kids and tiny kids. There is a small concession stand, restrooms, lockers, and a dry playground out front.

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