Gearing Up For Back To School

Yesterday we went to Nicholas' school to find out who his teacher is for 1st grade. The PTA was at the school giving out sno-cones. Yay!

I can't believe my little guy will be starting 1st grade next week.

Today we headed over to Grapevine Mills Mall to finish up our back to school shopping. In Texas, this is "tax free weekend" so you can purchase all clothes, shoes, backpacks, and school supplies without having to pay sales tax. It saves around 8% and, as you can imagine, it brings out lots of crowds to the mall. We got there early and didn't have any problems. I finished up our shopping and rewarded the kids by letting them play on these little rides. I actually only let them each ride one ride and then they spent the majority of the time just climbing on them and pretending to ride. I probably could have skipped the one paid ride with as much fun as they were having just using their imaginations.

I love that Nicholas is still little enough to have fun playing on these rides. He pretended to fly this helicopter around even though it wasn't moving and he was dodging missiles from some invisible hidden attacker.

Of course, they also had to check out the big candy store next door.

School starts back on Monday and I'm already feeling a little sad about not having my little guy at home with me each day.

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