Staton Oak Park

We love to visit Staton Oak Park. It's very close to our house and we can even walk to it if we're up for a bit of a trek. It has a great playground and picnic tables and benches plus lots of trees for shade. There is open grassy areas for running and lots of pine needles, pine cones, leaves, and sticks for imaginary play. But I also love it because our Greater Lewisville Early Childhood PTA has adopted it and our members take turns walking the park to make sure it is clean and maintained. Yay GLECPTA!

Rachel found a stick right away and started drawing in the dirt.

Both of my kids just love the tunnel on the playground!

Look at the static electricity in Rachel's hair!

There is lots to climb on...

...and several slides, some straight, some twisty, even a tube slide.

There is a concrete edge border around the mulched playground area and Rachel enjoys walking on it and practicing balance.

At one point she fell and said, "I ok!" So cute! She was fine but after that she reached for my hand to help her continue walking the rest of the border. Oh, how I love holding that sweet little hand!

Rachel's favorite part was just running up and down the little hills on the edge of the park!

Staton Oak Park is located at 3100 Staton Oak Drive, off Morriss Road between Cross Timbers and Firewheel Drive, in Flower Mound.

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