My Karate Kid

Nicholas has been taking karate lessons at Karate for Life since the beginning of the year. He is in the Little Dragons program for ages 4-6. I love that even though this is a young age group, they are still taught by adult black belt instructors. I also like that parents are encouraged to stay and watch the classes. Even Rachel enjoys watching big brother out on the mat.

In Little Dragons, young children not only learn some basic karate moves such as punching and kicking but in doing so they also learn to improve their coordination, balance, and overall control of their bodies. Hmm, perhaps this is good for a little boy who can fall out of his chair at dinner more than once in a sitting! The classes are high energy and fun which is just perfect for any active 6 year old boy. But interwoven in the classes are also lessons to instill respectful behavior such as good manners, making eye contact, how to shake hands, and how to give a polite greeting. Classes are structured to reward positive actions, with an emphasis on teaching the importance of focus, listening skills, and self control. All good things!

Nicholas started with a solid white belt. As he learned new skills, he received a colored stripe to put around the ends of his white belt. This picture was taken the day he received his second to last stripe on his white belt. He is always so proud to get a new stripe for a new skill learned.

A few weeks ago, Nicholas completed a level in his white belt training and had to test for his next belt level, white with yellow stripe.

Students line up at the edge of the mat to bow before stepping on the mat.

Instructors and students line up to say a short set of statements together before each session.

"I will start each day with a positive attitude.
I will always show respect to others.
I will use common sense before self-defense."

Here are some highlights from the belt test...

When the students had completed their belt test, the instructor had them pat themselves on the back. Notice our ambidextrous little guy is the only one patting himself with his LEFT hand!

The new belts were lined up in front of the kneeling students. Then they leaned over to touch their forehead to the belt as the instructor said, "May the first sweat on your new belt be the sweat used to earn the belt."

Master Haddock ties Nicholas' new belt on him.

Congratulations, Nicholas!

Daddy got a big hug from the Karate Kid!

Congratulations, Little Dragons!

Karate for Life is located at 2608 Long Prairie Rd, #201 in Flower Mound. They teach American Karate and they have classes for children as well as adults. To find out more about their classes, please check out their website at or give them a call at (972)899-0202. Tell them Nicholas sent you!


  1. WOW!! look at you.. Im not sure but I think your hooked :)
    see thats exactly what happend to us.. landrys little friend invited him at 4 they left and here e are 6 years later..

  2. So sweet!!! The tiny kids are looking sweetest strong superheroes. Are they learning for Best Karate in Connecticut or somewhere else? Anyways, congratulations for the success!!