Kids Country

We met at a local park for Rachel's playgroup today. Kids Country playground in Coppell will always be a special playground for me. When I was pregnant with Nicholas, I was working right down the street from this park. I would often drive to the park to enjoy my lunch and write in my pregnancy journal about the blessing of being pregnant as well as the trials of outgrowing my clothes and the joys of morning sickness that lasted all day. I usually liked to sit in my car in the parking lot so I could also listen to music while writing (and to enjoy the air conditioning!). This picture is the view of the playground from the place I usually parked. I used to watch the kids playing with their mommies and long for the day when I could take my own child to play there. Now I have two sweet little blessings that I take here often.

This playground is so incredible. It was built by community volunteers with sponsorships from individuals as well as businesses. It is all built from wood and looks very fort-like.

There are lots of swings and even obstacle course pieces throughout the playground.

There is also an amphitheater, sand box, tic-tac-toe board, slides, and lots of benches and picnic tables. Plus there are lots of trees to keep the most of the playground shaded. It is truly a remarkable playground.

Can you tell that Rachel watches everything her 6 year old brother does?

My sweet girl just checking things out around her. She's always so observant of others.

Playing at the Music Board

Rachel likes to throw things away. She was walking on the playground structure and happened to notice a piece of trash on the ground as she looked between two boards. She kept telling me, "Trash! Trash!" and seemed upset that we were going to scramble down under the boardwalk to get the piece of trash and throw it away. Hmm, maybe a little Obsessive-Compulsive?

Driving the train...

There is a giant sandbox where all the kids like to play. We usually bring lots of sand toys with us but on this visit there were already tons of toys to play with.

You can tell that the end of the playdate is approaching as Rachel's eyes start to glaze over telling me it's time for lunch and a nap - for both of us!

Kids Country playground is part of the Andrew Brown East Park on Parkway in Coppell. It is next to the Coppell Aquatics and Rec Center. There are also restrooms and a pond nearby where you can feed the ducks.

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