Daddy's Home!

Hooray! Daddy's home from Canada!

He brought us all back t-shirts from Montreal. I wanted to get a picture of the kids in their t-shirts with their Daddy. However, Rachel didn't want to sit still so Stuart had to find his own way to get her to pose with him!

Here's a pic of my silly loved ones.

Finally, Rachel gave in and let us take one normal picture of her. Nicholas is also showing off his Canada pencil (He loves decorated pencils!)

Somewhere along the way, Nicholas got sad about something. As he sat there pouting, Rachel sat down beside him and gave him a very concerned look. She is so sweet and nurturing. She'll often give hugs, kisses, and pats on the back if she thinks you are sad.

I love this picture of Nicholas because he looks so appreciative of Rachel's affection. They are so sweet together that it just melts a Mommy's heart.

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