What's Inside?

Rachel loves her "What's Inside?" box that Grandmother C. sent her for her birthday. It's a cute little fabric box that comes with 8 little plush toys like a sailboat, octopus, and rocket ship.

The toys are in the box but the way the box is designed, the child can't easily see what's in the box so it encourages them to explore their curiosity and reach in and feel the textures of the toys as they pull them out. I love anything that encourages children to focus attention on one of their five seneses. But this toy also encourages curiosity, deductive and imaginative thinking, as well as object permanence (an object is still there even if I can't see it).

But it has so many other uses as well. Sometimes it also makes for nice teething toy.

Or a pretend purse.

Rachel loves this box and even kisses the little plush toys inside. Notice Stuart's surprised face in the background. Rachel doesn't give us kisses very often but she likes to kiss her toys. Little stinker!

I had seen this toy a few years ago while working in our church nursery. But at the time I thought Nicholas was getting too old for it so we never got it for him. Little did I know that age 5 he would still enjoy playing with it.

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