Christmas In The Square

Last night we went to Christmas in the Square in Frisco. There were bounce houses, carriage rides, pony rides, games, food, and fun things for sale. We were hoping to see the highlight of the event at 5:15 when Santa Claus parachutes down into the square. Unfortunately, it must have been too cloudy because he wasn't able to do it. We were really bummed. But we enjoyed the watching the light shows on the buildings around the square. They showed snowflakes falling down the sides of the buildings. It was really pretty. But it was incredibly cold and windy even though we were all bundled up like Eskimos.

We also enjoyed strolling along the street where we found a store that we had never heard of - Love, Peace, and Popcorn. They sell gourmet popcorn and it's incredible! We have recently developed a new love for popcorn with the beginning of Family Movie Night at home on Friday evenings. Popcorn is always required. It was fun checking out all of the creative flavors of popcorn. Of course, there were the basics like cheese or caramel. But have you ever tried pizza popcorn or dill pickle popcorn? What about eggnog and rum flavored popcorn or s'mores popcorn? They may sound a little weird but give them a try. You can request a sample of any flavor but good luck deciding which ones to buy by the bag to bring home.

The Christmas celebrations in the square continue this coming weekend, December 18 and 19, so we might make it back out there again in hopes for warmer weather and to see Santa and his elves parachute down to the square (and to try some more unusual flavors or popcorn)!

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