Nicholas doesn't have a bunch of stuffed animals but the ones he does have are dear to him and he calls them "Friends". He often sleeps with at least one in his bed and sometimes he asks to be surrounded by them in his bed. He plays with them during the day and they have conversations among each other.

In this picture, he has one of his all time favorites, Baby Blue Bear. Baby Blue Bear was given to me as part of a baby shower gift when I was pregnant with Nicholas. He has always loved this bear, maybe because it was one of his very first stuffed animals. Baby Blue Bear is sitting on Mama Bear which Stuart gave me one Valentine's day before Nicholas was ever born. The two of them are snuggling together and they are held together by Stripes the Webkinz snake who is wrapped around them like a seat belt.

I love how Nicholas treasures his Friends. It just seems so sweet and innocent. I wish he would stay this way forever but I know that someday, like in Puff the Magic Dragon, these Friends will make way for other toys and Nicholas will no longer want anything to do with Baby Blue Bear et al. But for now I will treasure these special times...and now I'm all misty eyed and have to go steal a kiss from him while he sleeps...

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