The Gingerbread House

We finally finished our gingerbread house! We started a week or so ago with the construction of the house. Daddy had to help with this because last year Mommy did it and the whole house collapsed on itself!

Nicholas helped Daddy make the icing in the mixer.

And of course, Nicholas had to help with clean up!

Rachel saw how much Nicholas was enjoying cleaning and she wanted to help too. Look at her face as she's wondering what she's missing!

She didn't know what to do at first. She just bit down and held on to the beater.

But soon she got the hang of it and the icing didn't stand a chance against her! I love that sweet, and oh so sticky, baby!

We had to let the house sit for a day to let the icing harden before decorating. But weeknights are crazy busy around here so it didn't get finished until this weekend. Nicholas had fun doing all of the decorating himself. I suggested taking a look at the picture on the box to get some ideas but Nicholas wasn't interested. I pointed out that he could cover the roof with icing but he had other plans.

It drove Stuart a little crazy to watch how the decorating was progressing but this was Nicholas' project so he did his best to bite his tongue :)

The house turned out super cute and, most importantly, Nicholas had fun. We build a gingerbread house every year but this was the first year that Nicholas really wanted to take control of the decorating. I love it!

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