Our first snow of the season! We had heard last night on the news that there might be a few flurries this morning. When I looked out the window at 7:00 am the ground just looked wet and there was no sign of snow. But by 7:30 when we were leaving the house to go to school, it was snowing pretty hard. I let Nicholas play in it for a while then I decided that we were having too much fun to go to school - yes, I'm a bad (but fun) Mommy. So we stayed and played with snowballs.

Look at that smiling face!

Nicholas still loves to eat snow although this time he didn't lick it off of everything like he usually does.

It was fun seeing all of the snow accumulate although it never got really thick.

But it was enough to make snow angels!

Even the little angel came out to play. She was all bundled up in her snow suit and it was so puffy that she couldn't sit up on her own. Nicholas held her up for this picture but as soon as he stood up Rachel flopped over backwards.

Rachel couldn't sit or stand well in the snow. She was unfamiliar with this big puffy snowsuit. But amazingly she smiled the whole time and never got fussy about the cold wet stuff we plopped her down in so early in the morning.

Unfortunately the snow didn't last very long and as the temperatures warmed up it just turned to rain. So back to responsible mom mode, I took him to school. He wasn't sad though. He couldn't wait to tell his friends how much fun he had playing in the snow.

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