Bulb Suction

Rachel has a little cold and although she acts fine during the day, she fusses at night because she has trouble breathing through all of the congestion, especially when she tries to suck her thumb to go to sleep. So she's been getting extra cuddling before bedtime. Mommy doesn't mind at all...

...except when the little girl tries to poke out my eyes. What is her fascination with poking my eyes?

Sometimes though Rachel needs something more than just cuddling. Sometimes her nose is really really congested. Since she can't blow her nose yet, we have to help her get that stuff out of there. I say "we" but it's really just Stuart. He gets the job of being the bad guy when it comes to using the bulb suction. Rachel hates getting this but it really helps clear her up. And Stuart is really good at holding her still and getting all that junk out. Of course, Rachel isn't thrilled with Daddy right after a bulb suction session. But she soon warms back up to him and cuddles with him until she goes to sleep.

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