Staying Warm Inside

It's so cold here that Rachel and I stayed home today just to keep warm. Rachel had fun wearing a warm hat and doing her usual exploring around the house.

Next to the playroom, I have a bookcase of educational-type toys and books. Every day Rachel has to go over to the bookcase and pull off books, just because she can. There is always a mess to clean up but she is having fun and learning how to manipulate things in her environment.

Rachel loves to carry things on her arm like a purse. She sees me carry a purse and diaper bag, big brother carries his school backpack, and Daddy carries his laptop bag to work every day. Of course, she just wants to imitate us. So she picks up anything with a handle and goes about her business with it hanging on her arm. Sometimes she carries around 2 or 3 bags on her arm.

"Mama, why are you taking a picture of me with hat hair?"

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