Playing At The Park

We like to walk down to a little playground at the back of our neighborhood. It has a cool playground and some swings. Plus it's right next to another neighborhood playground so we can go back and forth between the two in a matter of minutes.

Nicholas still loves to climb through all of the tunnels.

He has gotten quite good at crossing the monkey bars. It's neat to watch him do it because for so many years he would just hang on the first bar because he was too afraid to move a hand to the second bar to move forward.

Rachel's favorite part are the swings and Nicholas is always happy to give her a push.

Of course, he likes to run and jump on the swings or twist himself up and let it naturally spin back to straight with him on it.

It's such a joy to be able to play with my children at the park, especially when I can watch them having so much fun playing together.

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